Selected tournament: 23. Croatia Open 2019. - 2. Memorijal Davor Jović

Place: Sports Hall "GRIPE", Osječka 11, 21000, Split
Schedule: 14.12.2019
Organizer: KBK "Pit Bull" Split
Registrations till: 11.12.2019 23:59:00
Contact: Marko Žaja -> +385 98 423 709
Disciplines: PF, LC, KL, LK
How to find us:
Full description: FIGHT SCHEDULE



• Please register on time as registrations after deadline will not be accepted
• In case when only 1 competitor is in category, he/she will be automaticaly moved to next higher category.
Required valid medical certificate
• Competition is done by WAKO rules
• All competitors participate at their own responsibility, and the responsibility of parents or guardians
• Competitors with their performance confirm that they are familiar with all the rules of the competition
• Organizer assumes no responsibility for the possibly adverse effect occurred during the competition

Competitors of HKBS must have a medical certificate not older than 6 months - certificate or certification in the Sportsbook.
Competitors members of other federations must have a medical certificate not older than 1 year - a certificate or certification in the Sportsbook.
Competitors who have an braces must submit a certificate of dentist.
Info about registrations: Registrations only on this website till Wednesday, 11.12.2019. in 23:59.

Fee: 150 kn (20 €)
100 kn (15 €) double start
Tournament schedule: FRIDAY, 13.12.2019.
18:00 - 22:00 - weigh in (Osječka 11)

SATURDAY, 14.12.2019.
07:00 - 09:00 - weigh in (Osječka 11)
10:00 - opening ceremony
10:15 - beginning of competition
Total number of entries: 667
Total number of competitors: 499
total number of clubs: 76
Total number of countries: 3