Selected tournament: Grand Prix BIH 2020.

Place: KSC Ilidža, Mala aleja 67, Sarajevo-Ilidža, Bosna i Hercegovina
Schedule: 29.02.2020
Organizer: Kick Boxing Akademija 'ILIDŽA'
Registrations till: 27.02.2020 22:00:00
Contact: Nermin Bašović -> +387 61 813262;
Disciplines: PF, LC, KL, LK, K1
How to find us:
Full description: • In case when only 1 competitor is in category, he/she will be automaticaly moved to next higher category. 
• Required valid medical certificate
• Competition is done by WAKO rules
• All competitors participate at their own responsibility, and the responsibility of parents or guardians
• Competitors with their performance confirm that they are familiar with all the rules of the competition
• Organizer assumes no responsibility for the possibly adverse effect occurred during the competition
Diplomas, medals from 1st to  3rd place.
Trophy for best fighters in disciplines.
Trophy for most successful club on tatami and ring.
Info about registrations: Registrations only on until 26.02.2020. at 23:59h.
Fee: Start:
15€ children and cadets 
20€ juniors and seniors
Next start 5€
Tournament schedule: FRIDAY, 29.02.2020.
18:00-21:00 weight-in KSC Ilidža

SATURDAY, 29.02.2020.
07:00 – 09:00 weigh-in KSC Ilidža
09:30 - trainer meeting, draws
10:00 - beginning of elimination fights
Total number of entries: 563
Total number of competitors: 436
total number of clubs: 75
Total number of countries: 7